A lesson “in love”

The old saying goes “you know when you know,” but until about two weeks ago…I did not “know.” I did not know that it was possible to become completely engulfed in something, to drown in passion with no worries of breathing again, to devote every ounce of joy and motivation into one thing…teaching.

For the past five years, I have spent my life reading and writing and jumping through the hoops of the college circus show. It was not until I began my student-teaching at Scottsbluff High School that I realized all those acrobatic feats were a mere pregame to my big-time show; the classroom. I have learned more the past two weeks than I could have ever fathomed, I have grown more in the past two weeks than I could have ever measured, and I fallen in love the past two weeks harder and faster than Romeo for Juliet. I have found my life-long “lesson” in love; to educate, to develop, to guide.

My main goal when I began student-teaching was to survive. I now realize that this was a mistake, and that realization put “mistake” into perspective for me…I have always lived for mistakes; making them, learning from them, and fixing them. I am not a perfect human being. I accept this and I share this; the first thing I let my students know was “Miss Busch makes mistakes…” and that I do well. What else do I do well? I learn, I develop, I fix, and I persevere until that mistake is a vague memory. I encourage my students to make a mess of mistakes, to live vicariously through stumbles and falls, but to always reflect and re-frame.

Teaching is a profession not many can say rattles their bones with excitement and reward. It is a profession in which the work doesn’t begin and end between 7-4. It is a profession in which you have children that aren’t yours. It is a profession in which learning is never-ending. It is a profession in which you fall; you fall into love, you fall into mistakes, you fall into growth, but most all you fall into lessons.

I have always believed in fate, I have always believed in “everything happens for a reason,” but I never believed in “you know when you know”…until now; another lesson in life.



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