Post-Boston; Re-Invented

I can’t begin to express how thankful, blessed, and lucky I am to have attended such an inspirational, informational, and empowering event. Not to mention with some of the greatest company a girl could ask for. The experience I had in Boston is one that I will never forget. From the first general session I was hooked. Literally, I was fighting back tears from the joy I felt in seeing all these educators coming together for a cause; a cause for change.

I am going to refrain from reviewing my sessions in this blog because I would like to dedicate a personal blog to my favorite. This is just simply a thank you to everyone for making Boston and the NCTE convention absolutely AMAZING. I believe each and every one of us came out even more motivated and inspired to be a positive influence within the educational system not only for our students but also for our colleagues and the subject as well.

There is so much power behind reading and writing that goes unnoticed, un-praised, and unpracticed. It’s something I am definitely becoming more accustomed and adapted to.

There are also so many people in love with teaching and in love with promoting a change. I KNOW it is time for the change and I KNOW I will be doing my part in “spreading the virus.”

I hope everyone gets a great night rest in their own bed with no “street cleaners” at 3 AM. Thanks again, ladies. You all are the best.


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