Remembering the Reason

As everyone knows this is the season to remember, to celebrate, and to give. It’s a time where all that we have worked for since January 1st comes to its final moments….and when we gain our winter layer of joy.

Today is Veteran’s Day. Today I witnessed one of the most repulsive and selfish acts an American carelessly made.

I was in Dollar General picking up some dollar candy for my winter layer when I forced myself to stop fantasizing over chocolate and check out. I was the second person in line behind a middle aged woman. Dollar General was honoring our Veterans by offering an 11% discount to all those who have served or have family that have served. As this woman exited the store she turned and questioned “did I not receive my discount?” The cashier politely said, “Oh, I’m sorry ma’am, we ask that you tell us if you have served so we can apply the discount. I will gladly return the items for you and give you the discount.” The women snidely replied, “I didn’t serve, my grandfather did, and my nephew.” The cashier again apologized and promptly returned the items and began to ring them up again. However, since the transaction was a return she was unable to apply the 11% discount. The woman was furious. Despite the cashier’s sincere and constant apology, the woman refused to be understanding. She claimed that Dollar General was doing an injustice to veterans and she would no longer be returning to the store.

The woman left leaving the cashier an emotional disaster. She voluntarily expressed to me how heartbroken she was. My concern is, was this woman’s intentions of the discount in honor or her relatives or to save the $2 extra dollars?

Unfortunately, I believe it was the $2. And that sickens me. What sickens me more is that a fellow American was so rude to another who was clearly trying to correct a situation that wasn’t her fault in the first place.

So often we get caught up in our own lives, our own needs, our own concerns that we forget the reason for days like today, for holidays, or even just a “Monday.” I hope you all keep this in mind as the holiday season nears; remember the reason for the season.


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