Freezing Frenzy

So, basically, these are supposed to be the best years of our lives. And, basically, I can’t argue with that. I have met incredible people, befriended some wild rascals, developed a closer relationship with my parents, and discovered what it means to be independent. All while being a “good” student and focusing on the future. But with these peachy, delightful, adventurous, and thrilling times comes some not so pleasant features.

Being a college student means you’re broke. It means a ramen noodle diet, sandpaper toilet paper, Sahara desert night sweats, and igloo style living. I have to admit, I’ve casually and cooperatively dealt with many of these conditions, but I’ve also been to my breaking point.

The current Antarctic temps and skating rink sidewalks have prompted me to write a complaint blog; which is what you all have gotten yourself into by this third paragraph. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Today I discovered that there is no proper way to avoid falling on your ass, back, side, elbow, and face while walking from one area to another on ice. I also discovered that “my hand is too frozen to write” is not a legitimate excuse to avoid an in-class essay. And last but not least, putting ice cubes in a glass of water inside my house will only result in the entire glass freezing.

Needless to say, I hate cold. It does not build character. The only thing it builds is snowmen and ice caps. I don’t know about you, but those aren’t on my “need to live” list.

I understand that there are precautions I can take to limit my frozen fingers and shivering seizures. But so far there has been no amount of hot chocolate, blankets, leg warmers, and or space heaters to keep my spirits higher than the outside temperature.
Why do we as Nebraskans do this to ourselves? Not even birds put up with this bologna (frozen bologna at that!)
And how did this blog go from talking about college to cold to bologna?

I’m sorry if you have stuck with this post for so long, I am ending on a rather short note due to my fingers lacking movement and turning slightly purple. I’m moving to the equator.


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