Social Networking: In Honor of Hunger Games

Hey guys! So I’m not sure if anyone else is as excited as I am….but there is less than a MONTH (that’s 29 days) UNTIL CATCHING FIRE COMES OUT IN THEATRES!!!! And guess where we will be? Boston. How many times do you get to go to the movies in Boston and see Catching Fire? Once. We have to go (or I might cry).

Anyways, I have been working on a cross-curricular unit for my Reading 430 class and was given the task of a Social Networking Assignment. My chosen book is none other than “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. I am in LOVE with this book and plan to use it in my classroom someday so I base a lot of my projects around it. Hope you enjoy!


Districts Divided Assignment

1. Students will be divided into groups to represent the different districts like that in Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games.”

2. Within each district the students will develop a government and be given these questions to answer.
How did you determine what type of government your District will adapt?
What is your District’s name?
Was there a designated leader before a voting process?
What type of precautions will you take to prevent an outside attack?
If you feel threatened by another district, how will you react?
What type of benefits are given to citizens, if any?

3. Students will create a basic list of rules that their District is to abide by.

4. Students will create a blog on “” with the title of their District.

5. Each student will be required to post on this blog twice a week. Each blog should aim for a minimum of 200 words. Posts may include but are not limited to:
Personal wants and needs that are fulfilled/unfulfilled by the government.
Fears within their District.
Power struggles.
Every day life (activities, meals, duties, hardships).
Reaction to other citizens (classmates) posts.

6. After the first post, students will explore the other District’s posts and comment on at least two outside District posts.

7. A brief 300-450 word reflection paper will be assigned at the conclusion of this Unit.

8. This activity is meant to compare and contrast individual perceptions of an ideal or imaginary government while interacting productively with others.


2 thoughts on “Social Networking: In Honor of Hunger Games

  1. I am so up for going and seeing Catching Fire! I’m so excited for this movie. The trailer makes it look so intense. I love your assignment too! I like how they develop their own government and have to blog. (So many mini lesson ideas! You could do this the whole freaking year!) Have you seen the youtube show The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Or Emma Approved? Or Jane Eyre? There is a whole new trend of taking classical literature and putting it into social media form to tell the story. It’s really cool. All the characters have twitter accounts and instagrams and all sorts of things. It becomes so much larger than the book itself. I hope you don’t mind if I totally borrow this in one of my future classrooms.

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