Rat Race

I tend to do a lot of daydreaming when I travel. This past trip to Spearfish, SD was no exception.

I’m 22 years young, right? So what is my hurry to get through life and on to the next “phase?” To be honest, there isn’t.

I should be graduating in May 2014 but instead I took an alternate, postponed route that will set my graduation date a year back to May 2015. I constantly get asked “Why would you want to do that?” “Aren’t you supposed to be student teaching?” “You’ve been in college a while now, shouldn’t you be graduating?” No.

I’ve realized that not only myself, but everyone, seems to be in a constant battle with time, balance, and dates. Everything is a constant race; a “Rat Race.” Yet, there is no finish line. You’re always either  ahead or behind the game whether it be with school, money, friendships, body image, or signficant others (you can take me out of that last category).

So what is the purpose of this race we subconsciously indulge ourselves in? Is there really a meaning to “getting ahead” when ultimately the cycle of the battle will make us “fall behind?”

Some could argue it’s our personal form of entertainment, of living, of existing. It’s what we do as humans-we battle life until we have to battle death.  I could argue that the inconsistency is a strange thrill. You never know what’s going to happen next, you could win the lottery or end up sleeping on the floor of your best friend’s grandpa’s girlfriend’s floor (don’t ask). 

My biggest struggle is security. As much as I would love to “life live on the edge,” I have to be in some type of control of “what comes next.” I’m a planner. But I’m also one of the most indecisive people you may ever meet. I am a contradiction; a battle.

I am Mariah Busch, 22 years young, taking my time with life, and enjoying the hell out of the unpredictable…with the exception of a little (lotta) planning. Happy racing.



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