Teachers Making Housecalls!

For all of those who don’t know me, I am an avid morning TV person. However, this last year I have made the shift from Spongebob Squarepants to the Today Show. Maturity at its finest if I do say so myself.


Any who, this morning on the Today Show a section was done on teachers who make housecalls. I was glued to the screen despite my fresh omelette and hot coffee lingering in front of me.

From experience, I have had teacher’s who openly give their house number and personal email for extra help when needed, but I have never heard of personal housecalls before. To be frank, I love the idea. The more we are willing to do as a teacher the more willing our students will be to learn and grow. The only problem I see with this new idea of housecalls is safety and privacy. Communication would have to be absolutely clear between the parents and school as to why the teacher is visiting and parents should always be present during these meetings. But despite that awkward technicality I believe this is the next step in being active in our students lives.

As the video mentions, we as teacher’s use a lot of our personal time to commit to our students. This of course would require even more personal time. What is your limit on personal time given to students? Is their learning and educational advancement to be placed higher than our personal time? For me that is a difficult question since I have not yet been in the circumstance. However, I do believe that no matter what I do in life, it’s always about finding a healthy balance. How do you feel about these housecalls? Would you be a teacher willing to go the extra mile (or 10 across town) to help your student AND include their parents in their learning?

The results say that extra mile “pays off.” I can’t argue with that. If personal time needs to be dedicated to improving my students education as well as life, you can count me in.

Ps-I switch to Spongebob on commericals….I’m not that grown up….yet. (shh!)


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