Persuasive Unit

I wanted to post my Unit in technological form just in case anyone misplaced the tree product I passed out in class. Also, I would appreciate any questions or comments that did not get mentioned in class! As you all know, I have room to improve in many aspects of organizing a Unit. Example: I couldn’t determine a sufficient timeline for my Unit (which came out to be around 6 weeks). Not to self: Do not try to crunch time; give students sufficient time to dive into the Unit and explore.

Persuasive Unit

1. Teaching for Joy and Justice, Linda Christensen

Essential Goals
1. Student can effectively express their opinion
2. Student development of critical thinking and argumentative skills
3. Student can support opinion with research/evidence

Secondary Goals
1. Identify fact vs. opinion
2. Organization of writing and ideas
3. Presentation

• Free-write on “what matters to you” “what you want and why” “what needs changed”
• Organization
• Introduction (attention getters, thesis wall)
• Evidence in body paragraphs FRED V (Facts-Reasons-Examples-Details-Voice)
• Conclusion (possible solutions, call to action)
• Genres of audiences
• Types of persuasion
• Movie Review
• Book Review
• Advertisements
• Political Campaigns

• Fact vs Opinion
• Commercial Review (State facts, state opinions)
• Sports Magazine, People Magazine (State facts, state opinions)
• White Lie Game (Students write down three facts and one opinion about self while others have to guess which are true and which is false)
• Reflection in WNB on how you determined what was fact vs opinion. Discuss.
• Story Map (supporting details)
• Persuasive Letters
• Identify supporting details in examples
• Write persuasive letter
• Class Commercial
• Persuade the purchase of a product
• Create posters
• Create video or recording
• Display posters throughout hallways

• Library Introduction/Exploration
• Citation Activity
• Types of research (good vs bad)
• Good-reads (book review examples)
• Movie Reviews
• Brainstorm Evidence (Map)
• Revision and Editing


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