Senior I to Senior Me

In attempt to create my “Letter to Me” I played around with crucial times in my life in which I thought I needed the most advice. My childhood first came to mind, but my letter didn’t go farther than “stop injuring your brother and eating all of grandpa’s M&M’s.” That can be a work in progress.

However, I did come up with a piece that I would like to share with you all. It is a letter from my current College Senior “I” to a High School Senior “me.” I haven’t decided if it will be my “draft” I am bringing to class yet. My “Letter to Me” is in tough competition with my “Animal Perspective” piece. Both, though, would be entertaining writing exercises for students.


Dear Senior Me,

I know how you hate long paragraphs, so I wrote this as a series of smaller sentences as critical points of advice. I know you also hate advice right now. Deal with it, and listen.

I don’t want to sound like your mom, well, because, we all know how much you listen to her; but show her some love. She needs it, and deserves it, after all the stress you are going to put her through.

All your hard work in school will pay off. Stay focused. DO NOT let that boy determine where you will go to college. Hear me? DO NOT. Good. That’s the first step to maturing.

You’re going to experience many heart aches-but you get through them-and come out as a person you never imagined. All for the better.

Go see Grandma Pieper. Do it as much as possible. Go talk to her, play cards with her, watch TV with her…even if she can’t remember who you are anymore.

Learn to put down your damn cell phone, especially when driving. Live in the moment.

Be respectful and grateful.

Stop worrying about how you look and start living. Eat a cookie (or two), drink that whiskey (in moderation), and take every opportunity to travel. You don’t want to miss out on this, I swear.

Don’t take everything so personally; friends will come and go…and come again. Relax. Breathe. Apologize when needed; apologize when you aren’t the one in the wrong. Stand up for what you believe in and CONSTRUCTIVELY voice your opinion. Construct not complain.

Don’t be so judgemental of others, you may be in their position one day (yes, I am foreshadowing…remember this term, you will need it for a test).

Stay blonde! I promise as much as you want to change, you don’t make a good brunette, it’s just not “us”-plus you will save some money. Stay strong. School is going to get stressful. Focus on the future doing what you LOVE. Do not take the easy way out (Massage Therapy School). You WILL make it through, keep your expectations.

Try new things. Talk to strangers. Call your mom and dad.

Exercise is  privilege. That’s right: privilege. And you learn to love it….and vegetables. Yes, I’m serious.


You may not see it now, but you are growing into an intelligent and motivated young lady. You will surprise yourself in many ways, even through the “let-downs.”

Yes, I’m almost finished, stop whining. Seriously, it’s a bad habit. Build some stamina!

Keep your “countdowns” but live day by day. Take lots of photos. Stay weird. Accept responsiblity for your actions. Move on.

Now, go walk that stage, “Miss Graduate.”

Love yourself (you’ll learn), Senior I.


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