Why So Serious?

Everyone experiences times in their lives when things just explode in chaos. You lose your keys, put your underwear on backwards, catch a wretched cold, wake up to your air conditioner smoking, get dropped from 10 feet in the air, find out your grandfather is in the hospital, stub your toe. Yes. This was my week. All things that seemed to affect my daily motivations and emotions.

You may ask why I am bragging about the wonderful week I had. It’s mostly to make you all jealous. But actually, it’s to demonstrate that “shit is going to happen” and you have to move through it. As teacher’s we are going to have crazy days, bad days, good days, and “oh my god I might strangle a squirrel” days. However, we CANNOT let our students know exactly what kind of a day we are having. We cannot take our outside emotions and stresses into the classroom. Emotions are distractions not only for us but for our students.

I’m still working on how I am going to deal with these emotions. I have come up with a few solutions, all that have brightened my Friday into an actual “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY”

1)Write/complain/rant in my writer’s notebook
3)Smile at myself in a mirror until I laugh (this may include distorting my face)
4)Watch cat videos (I believe all us female English majors may have a problem…I’m okay with it)

Here are two of my all time favorite. Watch and be happy. TGIF.


2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. First of all, I hope this week goes better than last week, and I hope you hear good news about your grandpa soon!

    Second of all, I’ve had many “I want to strangle a squirrel” days. I think most of us are still trying to find ways to handle the stress of teaching without dragging our students into our chaos. Like you said, running, making funny faces, etc. (Mine would be running and then eating my weight in confetti cake. You know, to balance it all out.)

    I remember seeing a teacher cry in one of my high school classes once because she was so stressed out with us, her students. It was almost like she was breaking that 4th wall or something. I couldn’t believe it–I was honestly a bit weirded out. I’m going to cry as a teacher, but in the fetal position in my bed while consuming chocolate and petting cats.

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